Fort Worth Independent School District

Fort Worth Independent School District is a school district based in Fort Worth, Texas, United States. It is currently the fifth largest school district in Texas (but may decline by a sixth within the next 1-2 years).

Fort Worth ISD serves most of the city of Fort Worth. The district also serves the cities of Benbrooke, Westover Hills and Westworth Village. The area also covers parts of Forest Hill and Haltom City and the unincorporated parts of Tarrant County.

In 2010, the district introduced one of the largest, most comprehensive secondary education upgrades in the country with its Golden Seal Preferred and Golden Preferred Seal Stacks. Each of its 13 high schools has introduced curricula that focus on career paths and college. As part of the Golden Seal Plan, the district has also opened a Single Sex School for Girls, the Young Women’s Leadership Academy; a Single Sex School for Boys, the Young Men’s Leadership Academy; an Early Middle School College, Sea Creek University High School; and an Early Medical High School, Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences.

In 2009, the school district was assessed as “academically acceptable” by the Texas Educational Services.

School Uniform

Fort Worth ISD approved a mandatory school uniform called “dress standards” for all schools in K-8 grades during the 2006-2007 academic years. The new strategic mandates grabbed the blue or white and covered the shirts and rejected baggy pants and exposing tops, although even before the homogeneous rules of baggy pants and exposing tops were in place. High school students are not required to wear uniforms, but may not wear T-shirts as outer clothing.

Texas Educational Services has determined that parents and/or guardians of students zoned to the school with uniforms may request a waiver to choose from a uniform policy, so their children should not wear uniforms; parents should determine “good faith” reasons, such as religious reasons or philosophical objections. But despite this law, many choose to be rejected and the district has been sued but won; this is denied, required by Texas state law, but many have been ignored.


During the 09-10 academic years, salaries for new Fort Worth teachers with Bachelor’s Degrees and no experience began at $46,570. With more than 30 years of experience, a FWISD bachelor’s degree supporting teacher would get a dirty $68,193. Master’s and Doctoral degrees increase FWISD teacher fees by approximately $1,000/year and $4,000/year respectively.

Teacher salaries at FWISD are rated among the top ten in the region. During the 09-10 academic years, salaries for new teachers were estimated at 7th. This was above Mtn/Saginaw Eagle ($46,540) and below Mansfield ($46,800). They rated 1st place for teachers with more than 30 years of experience.


High Schools


  • Amon Carter Riverside High School (Fort Worth)
  • Erlington Heights High School (Fort Worth)
  • Diamond Hill Jarvis High School (Fort Worth)
  • Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School (Fort Worth)
  • East Hill High School (Fort Worth)
  • Side North High School (Fort Worth)
  • R. L. Easter High School (Fort Worth)
  • Polytechnic High School (Fort Worth)
  • South Hill High School (Fort Worth)
  • Southwest High School (Fort Worth)
  • Western High School Hills (Benbrook)
  • O. D. Wyatt High School (Fort Worth)
  • Green B. Trimble Technical High School (Fort Worth)

Golden flocks of seals preferred

  • Young Women’s Leadership Academy (Fort Worth)
  • Youth Leadership Academy (Fort Worth)
  • Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences (Fort Worth)
  • Sea Creek University Academy (Fort Worth)


  • J.J.A.E.P. (Fort Worth) Juvenile Justice Alternatives Training Program
  • Lena Pope, home (Fort Worth)
  • Heights of the boulevard (Fort Worth)
  • Medium level Training Center (Fort Worth)
  • Success High School (Fort Worth)
  • School of Horizon Alternatives (Fort Worth)
  • Joe Kelly School (Fort Worth)
  • Metro school of opportunity (Fort Worth)

High Schools

  • Applied study of the academy
  • Benbrooke Secondary School
  • Como Montessori School
  • Daggett High School
  • School k-8 Daggett Montessori
  • Dunbar High School and Dunbar 6th Elementary School
  • High school alternative horizons
  • J.P. High School
  • Forest Oak High School
  • Glencrest 6th Elementary School
  • Handley High School
  • William James High School
  • Kirkpatrick High School
  • Leonard High School and Leonard 6th Elementary School
  • Jean McClung High School
  • V.P. Maclean High School and Maclean 6th Elementary School
  • High School V.A. Mychem
  • Meadowbrook High School
  • William Monnig High School
  • Morningside High School
  • Riverside High School
  • Rosemont and Rosemont High School 6th Elementary School
  • W. C. High School Teenager
  • High School of Vedgwood and Vedgwood 6th Elementary School
  • Young Leadership Academy

Elementary schools

  • Harlean Primary School (Forest Hill)
  • Benbrooke Primary School (Benbrooke)
  • Bonnie River Steep Shore Primary School
  • Edward J. Briscoe Elementary School
  • Burton Hill Elementary School
  • Carroll Peak Elementary School
  • Carter Park Elementary School
  • Cesar Chavez Primary School (PreK-2)
  • George C. Elementary School Clark
  • Lily B. Elementary school. Clayton
  • Como Elementary School
  • Alice D. Contreras Primary School
  • E.M. Daggett Primary School
  • Clifford Davis Elementary School
  • Elementary school De Zavaly
  • Diamond Hill Primary School
  • Dillow Ship Elementary School
  • Handley Eastern Elementary School
  • Eastern Primary School of Hills
  • Bill J. Elliot Elementary School
  • M.G. Ellis Primary School (PreK-K)
  • Primary School of the Valley Valley Park
  • 2004 national school of awards
  • Primary School V.M. Green
  • Greenbriar Elementary School
  • H.V. Helbing Primary School
  • Nata Howell Elementary School
  • Hubbard Heights Elementary School
  • Dolores Huerta Primary School
  • Manuel Yara Primary School
  • M.L. Kirkpatrick Primary School
  • Maud Ai Primary School. Logan
  • Lowery Road Elementary School
  • Atwood McDonald Elementary School
  • D. McRae Elementary School
  • Meadowbrook Primary School
  • Rufino Mendoza Primary School
  • 2003 national school of awards
  • Louella Merrett Primary School
  • Mitchell Boulevard Primary School
  • Elementary school M.H. Moore
  • Morningside Elementary School
  • Elementary school Christine K. Mossa
  • Charles Nash Elementary School
  • North Hi Establishes Primary School
  • Oakhurst Elementary School
  • Oaklon Elementary School
  • Pate Primary School in the Morning
  • Mary Louise Phillips Elementary School
  • Ridglea Primary School of Hills
  • Sam Rosen Elementary School
  • Chief Hill Primary School
  • David C. Sellars Primary School (Forest Hill)
  • Seminary Hills Park Primary School
  • Bruce Schulka Elementary School
  • T.A. Sims Primary School
  • South welcomes establishes elementary school
  • South Hill Elementary School
  • Springdale Elementary School
  • J.T. Stevens Elementary School
  • Primary School of Sunrise-McMillan
  • Tanglewood Elementary School
  • 1991-92 national schools awards
  • I.M. Terrell Primary School
  • W.J. Turner Primary School
  • Van Sandt-Ginn Primary School
  • Moddrey M. Walton Primary School
  • Washington Heights Elementary School
  • Park Waverly Primary School
  • Handley Western Elementary School
  • Westcliff Elementary School
  • Westcreek Primary School
  • Western Primary School Hills
  • Western Primary School of Hills (PreK-2)
  • Westpark Primary School (Benbrook)
  • Elementary School Version L. Williams
  • Richard J. Wilson Elementary School
  • Woodway Elementary School
  • Worthy Primary School Heights
  • John T. White Primary School